About Us

Raising Our Sisters’ Assets Political Action Committee (ROSA PAC) is dedicated to raising funds for women of color running for Congress to help them win, get re-elected and lead. Our programs involve national leaders, influencers, and those who participate in activities targeting a diverse community of stakeholders, constituencies, and business interests across the US. Our goal is to further the conversations and actions that positively affect women of color in the communities where they work and live.

We know that women of color represent a majority of the women in the world, and soon will constitute a majority of the US women’s population. We believe that when we support women running for Congress, we place our most natural allies in key positions where they can ignite opportunity. With continued support, they will be able to ensure the adoption of policies and programs needed to effectively address the complex issues most relevant to our communities, the nation, and the world.


  • We are going to put more women of color in office and hold national decision makers accountable on the issues that are most relevant to women of color.
  • We are driving a movement of change at the national level, that will kick the gates of opportunity wide-open. Through the election of leaders and the enactment of public policies and programs, women of color will be able to participate more fully and positively in all that the nation has to offer.
  • We are going to flip the numbers related to disparities in every social and economic sector upside down; empowering ourselves, our families, and transforming the places where we work and live for the better.


  • Your donations support women of color who are candidates seeking election to the US Congress as well as programs that address issues relevant to women of color.
  • Recipients of funds collected by ROSA PAC must have a consistent record of championing causes that promote the advancement and engagement of women of color.
  • Both Democratic and Republican women of color candidates who meet ROSA PAC’s criteria are eligible to receive funding.


  • Joining ROSA PAC allows you to play a key role in assuring the issues you care about are championed by women who relate to you, and care about you and the issues that impact you.
  • Joining ROSA PAC allows you to leverage donations with others to drive maximum impact.
  • Joining ROSA PAC allows you access to timely information related to national discussions.
  • Joining ROSA PAC allows you to interact with national leaders, influencers, community partners, and others who seek to affect change.
  • Joining ROSA PAC allows you to educate national leaders about your concerns and to influence outcomes.


  • There is and has always been power in numbers. The more people who belong to and participate in the ROSA PAC movement, the greater the impact we will have in accelerating change.
  • Your participation in ROSA PAC is critical to the achievement of the changes we need to see in our communities.
  • You will help advance the adoption of policies and programs that address issues relevant to women of color, our families, the places where we work, and the communities where we live.
  • You will help put leaders in positions to place the issues most relevant to women of color front and center of national discussions; issues that affect our children, our spouses and partners, our jobs, our health, and our communities.


  • ROSA PAC events are educational and informative.
  • ROSA PAC allows you to contribute your talent, critical thinking, and resources to causes that you care about.
  • ROSA PAC events allow you to have up-close and personal exchanges with elected and national leaders.
  • ROSA PAC events allow you to network with others.
  • ROSA PAC events are fun.


  • As the soon-to-be collective majority of women in the US, the power truly is in our hands. Let’s use it.
  • The ROSA PAC movement is the only national effort and most exciting development at the national level – solely focused on increasing the numbers of women of color elected to national office.
  • Like we said, “There is power in numbers!” The more people who join, the greater impact we will have in the shortest amount of time.
  • We cannot afford to wait.


Anita Estell, Esq.

Founder & Chair

Lucia Riddle

Assistant Treasurer / Secretary

Monica Cloud, Treasurer


Ashley McNeil Coleman, Fundraising

Delphine Hall, Advisor

Kimberly Jones, Esq., Director of Programs

Christina Lewis, Digital Director

Lucinda Ware, Advisor

Michelle Watley, Communications Director

Dream Weavers, Advisors & Special Mentions

Judith Batty, Michelle Bernard, Jane Brown, Randy Broz, Suzanne Burks, Alaina Beverly, Maria Cardona, Robert Clifton, Jr.,, Nicole Collier, Stacie Fuji, Jason Harris, Lance Gibson, LaTanya Junior, Noriko McClinton, Candace Bond McKeever, Edna Moffitt, Toya Powell, Angela Reimer, Lucia Riddle, Carlottia Scott, Elsie Scott, Marie Sylla, Migna Taveras, Shawna Watley, Kimberly Woodard . . . and you.